Human trafficking (commercial sexual exploitation) is an ever-increasing problem in Canadian society. Traffickers recruit out of our schools, online, in shopping malls, as well as the streets and other locations with no social economic identifier.

There is no social economic identifier of a survivor profile. They are your university child abducted, your sibling, yours or your children’s friend.

Victims are people trafficked in private homes, on street corners, and through legitimate businesses such as restaurants and motels. During their exploitation victims are not only sexually assaulted but forced to work in establishments such as massage parlours, strip clubs and holistic centres.

There is no limit on the source a trafficker will use their victim for to generate revenue. A victim is your employee whose paycheck is used to support their trafficker, they are the serving staff at your popular restaurant, they are the foster child or stepsibling trafficked by a family member.


“Having seen tens of thousands of dollars flow through their hands to their trafficker, Survivors are forced to rebuild their lives with little access to financial support. They should not be forced to live in unsafe housing nor rebuild their lives without support. Unprotected in their past we have the ability to protect Survivors and I am thankful to Concord Adex and Nieuport Aviation for their leadership in this initiative. Thank you as well to the many corporate and professional associations who have quickly answered this call.”

Stephen F. Miller – Chair, Project Recover Oversight Committee

The Seeds of Hope Foundation is a Canadian registered charity. Its mission statement is to build self-sustaining communities that create the conditions to enable individuals who are at a crossroads in their lives develop their livelihood, learning and creative potential through engagement with each other in learning activities, social enterprises and community endeavours. Donations are processed through the Seeds of Hope Charity Foundation and managed by them through an oversight committee of sponsors, educators and business leaders.

Canadian Born

Canadian Born

95% of human trafficking victims are Canadian born.



On Average a victim is trafficked by 2 or more traffickers (23% of cases involve 3 or more traffickers).

First Trafficked

First Trafficked

Average age of survivor when they were first trafficked - 14.

End of Exploitation

End of Exploitation

Average age of survivor when exploitation ceases (escape or freed) - 21.

Means of Control

Means of Control

Ongoing Physical Assault and Forced Substance Abuse are used as a means of control in each case reviewed.


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The Issue

When victims escape or are freed from their exploitation their nightmare is not over.

Living in safe houses and shelters they face an uphill battle addressing the addiction from forced substance abuse, medical issues from years of abuse and neglect and the mental trauma of their exploitation.

While they will live forever with the horrific memories of their exploitation and ongoing counselling and support, they face new challenges as they move forward in rebuilding their lives.

Unknown to them, the financial fraud and debt abuse inflicted on them by their trafficker without their knowledge surfaces when they try to access housing. This prevents them from accessing safe and affordable housing placing them in a position to be revictimized. As a result of their negative credit rating they are removed from housing lists.

The financial fraud and debt abuse also prevents them from accessing funding for educational programs. Denied the right to education from their teen age years this continues into their adult years. With no skills they are limited to minimum way employment opportunities. Leveraging their lived experience, they can make a difference in the lives of other victims if they are given the opportunity.

Having seen thousands of dollars flow through their hands to their trafficker(s) without access to housing and educational support they are placed into a position to be revictimized. For some, living in substandard housing and reliant on income that does not meet their basic needs their exploitation experience can seem to be an attractive alternative.


Through individual and corporate donations across Canada the Concord Adex Survivors Fund raises funding to provide housing and educational support to survivors of human trafficking.

Your corporate sponsorship will make an immediate and lasting impact on the life of a survivor. There are many worthy humanitarian initiatives and a limit to how many of these initiatives any single corporation can support. Corporate sponsorship will make an immediate and lasting impact on the life of a survivor.

Professional associations have also quickly recognized the need to support survivors of human trafficking and have been involved in programs raising money for this initiative.

100% of all monies donated go directly to survivors and donors receive a charitable receipt.

"Continuing my education is something I am extremely privileged and thankful for. I have just begun my first year of university and it of course carries a great amount of stress, yet it's a challenge I am determined to conquer, I have an entirely new perspective on life given the things I have encountered and this is going to help drive me to the future I have fought tooth and nail for. This is an exciting new chapter of my life and I'm very excited to see what is yet to come"

- Survivor
Survivors of trafficking face multiple challenges in rebuilding their lives. These challenges include housing and financial insecurity, which increases their risk of revictimization. By providing survivors with housing supports and educational opportunities, we not only support their reintegration into their communities but increase their chances of long term success."
Rhonelle Bruder
Survivor Leader - Founder & Executive Director, Project iRISE (

Our Causes

The Concord Adex End of Crisis Housing Fund

The Concord Adex Survivors Fund seeks to empower survivors of human trafficking (commercial sexual exploitation), help them transition out of shelters when they are ready and into a place for once they can call their own.

The Concord Adex Survivor Scholarship Fund

Financial support through the Concord Adex Scholarship Fund ensures survivors of human trafficking (commercial sexual exploitation) have a chance to succeed in their educational pursuits. It makes things just a little easier for them!

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